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EarthLearning a foreign language seriously takes a lot of effort in practicing and discipline. Although many of us has been confronted with the basics of some foreign languages in school, the training capacity of dialogues was mostly inadequate, due to large classes and not enough lessons. However, good language skills are more important than ever before because particularly in todays professional world good foreign language skills are required to communicate and negotiate with corporate partners all over the world (i.e. German, Spanish, French).
BagThis problem is well known and therefore many people try to counter these deficits through various measures. Here especially language holidays and language courses at language schools should be mentioned.Bag A language holiday certainly provides a temporary learn success which is based on the constrained and ubiquitous language confrontation. Previous language barriers are reduced and the flow of speech is improving by dealing with native speakers. But regarding time, money and sustainability issues language holidays cannot be seen as an effective solution. A language course promise a prompt and effective learning process as well. Surely it provides basic knowledge for foreign languages like grammar and vocabulary but due to exprensive fees and only few lessons a week in the basic form there is no possibility to improve the communication skills effectively.
Paint BucketDerived from the english verb to speak, spoke, spoken the online portal spooken provides an adapted solution. True to the motto learning by speaking spooken offers you an possibility to get in touch with language partners all over the world. You get the opportunity to interact directly with native speakers without having expensive and time-intensive language holidays and language courses. Nowadays you decide when, with whom and where YOU learn foreign languages. For this you get a variety of communication options to improve your language skills in playful dialogues.

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